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Working together to end homelessness


It Starts With Us is committed to assisting the homeless with opportunity to prosper and engage. We seek out and accompany the most vulnerable unhoused individuals and families, advocating with them and creatively networking available resources to open up opportunities for housing and other critical services.

Our Mission

It Starts With Us, Inc., a 501(c)(3) nonprofit, aims to strengthen the Nipomo and Northern Santa Barbara County community by gathering resources and referrals to support those who are classified at-risk, veterans, and those who are experiencing homelessness, and/or poverty. We want to positively impact the lives of others, both directly and indirectly by providing tools and resources for success.

Our Vision

The vision of It Starts With Us is for all of those that we serve to be given the opportunity to have access to affordable housing, healthcare, and employment so that they may have stability and resources to accomplish positive personal goals.

About the services we provide

Our day-to-day outreach activities start with meeting people where they are—geographically, mentally, emotionally, physically, and spiritually—and working with them to form trusting relationships. From there, we help them navigate complex social services systems so they can obtain needed resources like:

• ID/Driver’s license
• Birth certificate
• Social Security Card
• EBT/SNAP benefits
• Transportation
• Clothing
• Camping supplies
• Mental & physical health care
• Employment
• Substance abuse treatment
• Counseling
• Transitional and permanent housing
• Referrals to other programs

We go to those who need us. We work from our cars, at homeless camps, in hospitals, or anywhere else we find people struggling with homelessness.

Housing Assistance

We can help with Lompoc’s Tenant-Based Rental Assistance application process.
We can provide referral and resources for all other areas.

Fresh Start Furnishing Program

Our Fresh Start Program helps to furnish the homes of those who have been recently housed after an experience with homelessness.

Immediate & Emergency Needs

Our Immediate & Emergency Needs Program is designed to help those who are experiencing homelessness and/or poverty in the Nipomo and Northern Santa Barbara County area with limited funds to address their immediate and emergency needs. When funds allow, we can help with utilities, transportation, clothing, basic needs, emergency food, etc.

Note: No funds are given directly to the individual.

In-Kind Supportive Services

It Starts With Us receives in-kind support from many community members with things as clothing, shoes, hygiene items, food, and snacks. These items are then distributed to those in need throughout the community.

Veteran Services

We assist our American Veterans with resources and referrals for affordable legal services, housing, medical, mental health services and more!



​You can assist our nonprofit by volunteering or completing your community service with us. We need assistance in many areas. Some of those areas are Homeless Outreach, Volunteer Recruiting, Solicitation of Donations and office assistance.


It Starts With Us takes pride in helping those in need. We understand that not everyone has the means to give financially, however, donations of any amount can truly impact the growth of our nonprofit so that we may help more people who are experiencing homelessness or living in poverty.

C/O It Starts With Us, Inc.
110 S. Mary Ave., Ste 2-107
Nipomo, CA 93444


Donate your clean cans and bottles to It Starts With Us. We will pick up the donations for free. We will recycle your recyclables and use the funds to support our programs. Contact us today to arrange a time and place to pick up your donation.

Contact Us

​C/O It Starts With Us, Inc.
110 S. Mary Ave., Ste 2-107 
Nipomo, CA 93444

It Starts With Us, Inc. is a 501(c)3 nonprofit organization.
​All donations are tax-deductible to the full extent allowable by law.

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